Steel Security Fencing

Steel Security Fencing

Steel Security Fencing

Steel Security Fence panels after manufacture

Jory’s manufactures and installs a lot of Steel Security Fencing. It’s one of the things we’ve been doing for over 50 years.

Typically these fences are 1.8m to 2.4m high, with a spear top, (or often called crimped top) to ensure maximum security.

Often this Steel Security Fencing is called Palisade fencing, Hercules Fencing, Spear Top Fencing or Securatop Fencing. Take your pick! We do it all!

On sloping blocks, care needs to be taken to get the rake, or angle of the land exactly right, so that no gaps exist between the ground and the fence. In the photo attached, these fence panels have just been manufactured, and waiting to be powdercoated black.

We can also manufacture gates to the same specs.

We don’t just do Steel Security Fencing

We have successfully completed hundreds of both large and small commercial jobs, including

       Industrial estate boundary fencing

       Sporting complexes

       School Fencing

       Security cages

       Aluminium and Steel Security fencing

We are a Queensland owned and operated company operating out of our own large Industrial premises in Geebung, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

We have been fencing in Brisbane since 1964.

Commercial Fencing is our specialty, and we have the background and experience to exceed expectations. Our commercial estimator, Oliver Buchs can be on-site to look at your project in quick time, and will proved you with some valuable advice, a rough estimate or a firm quote, depending on your requirements.

 Now in our 54th year, you can be sure that we stand behind our work.

We take care in sourcing the highest quality materials, and in some cases to ensure the highest quality and consistent supply, we manufacture them ourselves. Plus, with a fully equipped facility, we can tailor-make custom solutions quickly and easily. You are welcome to inspect our premises at any time.

Call in to talk to Oliver, or to Mark Davies at 201 Robinson Road East, Geebung.