Chainwire security fencing

Chainwire security fencing

Chainwire security fencingLarge scale chainwire security fencing projects are one of Jory’s specialties.

In the project highlighted, we erected close to a kilometre of chainwire security fencing. The fence featured cranked posts with 3 strands of barbed wire up top. We also installed vehicle access gates.

In projects like this, planning is of paramount importance. We work hard to complete projects within the timeframes specified.

In many cases, clearing of the fence line needs to be carried out before we start erecting the fence. Our expert team of installers work efficiently to get your project completed on time and in spec.

When you have a project coming up, talk to Oliver Buchs, our commercial estimator. Oliver can run through the project with you, and give you an idea of cost and timeframes.

Oliver is always available to meet you on-site. And, if you have drawings, feel free to email these to Oliver at

You can call Oliver on 3265 3922 or 0403 469 686.


We are specialists in large scale fencing projects. From schools, to building sites and unit blocks, to housing developments, sporting fields and Government precincts, we have skills and expertise to get the job done to spec and on time.

Our estimators can be on-site, same day. Our aim will always be to tailor a fencing solution that gives you the result you need within the budget you are working with.

We supply:

·      Chainwire security fencing

·      Gate Frames & Chainwire Gates

·      Steel Frames for Timber Gates

·      Automatic Gates

·      Sliding Gates

·      Security Fencing

For a quick and competitive quote from an experienced Industry professional, call us on 3265 3922.