Chainwire enclosure

Chainwire enclosure

We recently completed a chainwire enclosure at a Brisbane based Pet Motel.

The enclosure was 35metres in total length, 1800 high, and constructed with 40nb posts and 32nb rail.

When you have a commercial fencing project in the planning stage, talk to Oliver Buchs here at Jory’s on 3265 3922. Oliver can come on-site to have a look at your project, and to talk you through your options.

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Jory’s has been a long term supplier of chain wire into the SOuth East Qld market.

Chain wire comes in two main thicknesses… 2.5 and 3.15. For more heavy duty applications and where security is more of an issue, 3.15 is sometimes selected, however 2.5 is the most common guage.

The size of the diamond is another decision to make with the main options being 50mm and 60mm diamond, measured diagonally across the diamond. Chain wire comes is various heights, with the most common being 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm.

Another decision to be made is whether the chain wire will have a “barb” or “knuckle” finish. This decision will depend on the level of security required.

We are specialists in large scale fencing projects. From schools, to building sites and unit blocks, to housing developments, sporting fields and Government precincts, we have skills and expertise to get the job done to spec and on time.

Our estimators can be on-site, same day. Our aim will always be to tailor a fencing solution that gives you the result you need within the budget you are working with.

We supply:

· Chainwire Fencing and Chainwire enclosure

· Gate Frames & Chainwire Gates

· Steel Frames for Timber Gates

· Automatic Gates

· Sliding Gates

· Security Fencing

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