Chain wire supply

Here at Jory’s, we specialise in chain wire supply. chain wire

Jory’s has been a long term supplier of chain wire into the South East Qld market.

Chain wire comes in two main thicknesses… 2.5 and 3.15. For more heavy duty applications and where security is more of an issue, 3.15 is sometimes selected, however 2.5 is the most common guage. The size of the diamond is another decision to make with the main options being 50mm and 60mm diamond, measured diagonally across the diamond.

Chain wire comes is various heights, with the most common being 1200mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and 2100mm. Another decision to be made is whether the chain wire will have a “barb” or “knuckle” finish. This decision will depend on the level of security required.


We are a Queensland owned and operated company operating out of our own large Industrial premises in Geebung, in the northern suburbs of Brisbane.

We have been fencing Brisbane since 1964.

Commercial Fencing is our specialty, and we have the background and experience to exceed expectations.

 Now in our 53rd year, you can be sure that we stand behind our work.

We take care in sourcing the highest quality materials, and in some cases to ensure the highest quality and consistent supply, we manufacture them ourselves. Plus, with a fully equipped facility, we can tailor-make custom solutions quickly and easily.

We have successfully completed hundreds of both large and small commercial jobs, including

       Industrial estate boundary fencing

       Sporting complexes


       Security cages

       Security fencing

Contact Jory’s on 3265 3922 if you have a project in mind.

We provide free quotes and advice on the best way to proceed with your project. The fist step is to look at your plans or visit you on-site to see what your requirements are.

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