Chain wire gate on rollers

Chain wire gate on Rollers

Chain wire gate on rollersWe recently completed a project that required a chain wire gate on rollers.

This was an 8metre gate, 1800 high.

The gate frame was made out of 32nB steel, including 32nB struts. Because the gate was quite large, we used the same sized struts as the outer frame, rather than 25nB struts, which are also common.

The gate was wired with 50 diamond galvanised chain wire.

This gate was being used at a worksite, so it was manually operated, but needed to be able to run across a gravel driveway. We fitted 2 wheels on the base of gate to allow for this.

When we make a chain wire gate, we are always careful to ensure it is square and that the welds are solid so that our customers gets a long life out of the gate. In this case we transported the gate to the work site, and installed it.


Here at Jory’s we install a lot of chain wire fencing. For most commercial applications, the options are usually 1800mm or 2100mm in height, 50 or 60 diamond, and 2.5 or 3.15 thickness chain wire. In most cases, chain wire fences have a knuckle or knuckle barb top, to maximise security.

In the project highlighted, we installed 40 metres of 1800 chain wire fencing, using 60 x 2.5 knuckle barb. 6 metre double gates were also manufactured and installed, with 80nb flanged posts.

If you have a project coming up, contact us, and we will come on-site to see what has to be done, and then we will send you a Quote.

We have successfully completed hundreds of both large and small commercial jobs, including

       Industrial estate boundary fencing

       Sporting complexes


       Security cages

       Security fencing

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