Here at Jory’s Enterprises-Geebung, we use our fabrication skills for more than just fencing. We have some dog lovers on our staff, and over the years we’ve developed some expertise in building Aluminium dog cages, that can be fitted to Ute Traybacks.


Even if you don’t have a dog the crates can be used for locked storage for Utes.


Each Ute cage is custom made and purposely built with options on lock types, checker plate on doors and/or front/rear panels, fixed internal partitions, internal doors.  Also, if you need a rack to tie that surfboard on or a shade awning to hang, we can help out there too!

Ute Cage

We build the Ute cages to fit your vehicle. Basic Ute cage frame is made out of 25×25 Aluminium, and have small diamond mesh sides, checker plate roof, gas door struts and door locks.  The height, width and length are decided by your application and the vehicle it will be fitted too.


To make your Ute cage weatherproof, any upholster can custom make a cover in your colour choice.


Ute Cages can be affixed to the tray with bolts and removed when necessary.  Aluminium is light, depending on size most cages can be removed easily enough by one or two people.


Come in and have a chat to our Dog Squad – we’d love to help out!

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