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Double gate frames

When you need fabrication done, talk to the team at Jory’s. We recently manufactured some double gate frames for a customer. Timber palings were then going to be screwed onto the frame before installation. In the photo featured, the galvanised gate frames were ready to be picked up by our customer. The frame was made […]

Loop top fencing

Here is a great example of loop top fencing we recently installed at a home in Brisbane. The fence is 1200 high, and the gate is a double lock security gate. All panels in the fence were specially fabricated with a 100m safety strip at the bottom for wheelchair accessibility. Jory’s Enterprises has been operating […]

Chainwire enclosure

We recently completed a chainwire enclosure at a Brisbane based Pet Motel. The enclosure was 35metres in total length, 1800 high, and constructed with 40nb posts and 32nb rail. When you have a commercial fencing project in the planning stage, talk to Oliver Buchs here at Jory’s on 3265 3922. Oliver can come on-site to […]

Chainwire storage cages

We recently installed chainwire storage cages into a warehouse. These cages were covered in shade cloth so that dust was kept at bay. When you have a project like this, talk to Oliver Buchs our Commercial estimator on 0403 469 686. Or alternatively ring Oliver at the office on 3265 3922, and speak to either […]

Fence repairs

After some wild storms in Brisbane, we were asked to perform some fence repairs on the Tennis courts at a school. Post were straightened, and wire and netting was replaced. If you have some commercial fencing that needs repairing or replacing, call Oliver Buchs, our commercial estimator on 0403 469 686. WHO ARE JORY’S? Jory’s […]

Large chainwire security gates

Building and installing large chainwire security gates is something we do a lot of here at Jory’s. In the featured image, these gates were installed at an emergency services facility. Dimensions were 4.7metres high, and 7.6metres wide. An interesting feature of this project is that the gate on the right is bi-fold. When you have […]

Steel gates

We are specialists at manufacturing large steel gates. In the image featured, one of our tradesmen, Jake is welding up a 1800 high steel gate to be installed at an Industrial property. When you have a project that requires steel gates, talk to Oliver or Mark at Jory’s Enterprises. Phone 3265 3922 to speak to […]

Chainwire security cages

We recently completed the installation of chainwire security cages at a large industrial site on the Northside of Brisbane. These cages were 2.4m high, using 32 frames and rails. For projects like this, we can work off your own drawings, or draw something up after a site visit. The installation of jobs like this is […]

Security fencing at public infrastructure site

If you need security fencing, talk to the team at Jory’s about your project. In the project highlighted, we installed a 1800 high black PVC chainwire fence with cranked posts, with 3 strands of barbed wire on top. When you are considering security fencing, chainwire offers an cost effective solution. But another other option might […]

Steel fencing

We are specialists in the manufacture and installation of steel fencing. If you have a steel fencing project coming up, talk to Oliver or Mark here at Jory’s on 3265 3922. Our in-house tradesmen and on-site installers take immense pride in their workmanship, so when Jory’s builds something for you, it will last. We are […]