Fencing Contractors in Brisbane

We are fencing contractors who’s aim is to provide professional service and advice to our customers and the best quality products at a competitive price.

This is achieved by our staff having many years of experience and knowledge within the fencing industry and by using quality products.

Jory’s Enterprises-Geebung aims to build a long term partnership with our clients by consistently providing professional service and high quality workmanship.

Our History

Jory’s Enterprises-Geebung (as we know it today) was founded in the year 1964 by Noel and Joan Jory. It began when Noel Jory came across an advertisement in the local paper for a chainwire machine. The machine was selling for 240 pounds at the time. He saw the newspaper advertisement as a good way to make some extra money to help supplement his income to support his wife and two children.

The business was originally located underneath their home and setup as a partnership between Noel and his wife Joan and as Noel’s second job. Noel made chainwire in every spare minute of his day. Until eventually the chainwire reached too high of demand and he had to hire some contractors and more machines so he could keep up with the work. In 1974, Noel Jory gave up his full-time job and he and his family moved to 203 Robinson Road Geebung. A shed was built at the back of the house to house the chainwire machines, more employees hired and productivity and business increased. This enabled the Jory’s to expand further to offer more fencing products to the public.

The Jory’s worked twelve hour days and their weekends and were devoted to their business. Whilst the business was growing, Noel and Joan having little education in their younger years undertook a Business Management part-time course after work. This helped honed their business skills already acquired since commencing their business.

On 22nd November 1979, NJ & LJ Jory (partnership) became a trading name and a registered company, Mancinik Pty Ltd. From here, business was expanding at a quick pace. A new building was built at 201 Robinson Road next to their home. A large warehouse was built in 1984 at the back of 201 & 203 Robinson Road.

In the early 1990’s Noel and Joan decided to phase themselves out of the day to day running of the business. They are now retired but remain shareholders in the company. The directorship was handed over to their son, Neil.


Today, Jory’s Enterprises-Geebung (trading name since 19th October 1993) is located at 201 Robinson Road Geebung with a retail outlet for fencing supplies. The large warehouse located behind 201 Robinson Road is used to house pipe, chainwire, fence fittings and a welding bay to make all types of pipe gates and fencing panels. Jory’s Enterprises-Geebung has an extensive customer database that extends from the domestic user to other retail outlets; sub contractors; local, state and commonwealth governments and other commercial users. We also supply and install fences.

203 Robinson Road Geebung is home to Australian Plastics Equipment (See www.ape.net.au) & IDR (See www.idr.net.au) and part of the shed behind the Robinson Road premises is home to Jory’s Plastics Moulding. (See www.jpm.net.au)